When approaching the last pitch of Patterson Pass Road Easter Sunday, I found myself off the saddle and rocking the handlebars side to side, breathing heavily and visualizing the approaching downhill.  Instinctively, I knew getting off the saddle, using my upper body and rocking the bike side to side on steep parts of climbs was helpful but I never knew why.  I had seen most of the TDF riders do it - I had seen other pro riders on the Tour of California do it - but really - WHY?

After reading this article, I now know the reason, based in science and a little geometry:  http://www.active.com/cycling/Articles/Should-You-Stand-to-Pedal-on-Climbs.htm?cmp=276&memberid=115133249&lyrisid=43129716&email=palasalle@comcast.net

Bottom line is that when you rock the bike side to side, 15 degrees either way, the crank arms do more work than when you are in the saddle and not rocking the bike - approx. 7% more work - and this equates to approx. 7-19% energy expenditure for the rider.  And this savings, at the top of a pretty tough climb, is very welcome!

So, the next time you are attempting a long climb with steep pitch sections or a short but very steep hill, don't forget to get off the saddle and use your arms!

Swim Workout
2 x 50yds. kick
1 x 100yds. drill
1 x 100yds. swim
the above set should be done 3x - your choice of stroke for 2 rounds - 1 found has to be butterfly - use your fave drills

4 x 200yds.   3 of these are freestyle and 1 is IM - work the free and cruise the IM
4 x 200yds.   3 of these are IM and 1 is freestyle - work the IM and cruise the free



05/11/2017 12:32am

To those who are planing to do a long climb, you should read this article! Thank you for sharing your experience to us. It seems like you had a hard time with this session. Bu at least, you were happy! This is again a thing to be proud of. You routine isn't easy at all, but you have managed to survive it. It takes a strong mind and dedicated heart to do what you have done!


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