I saw this today

and thought about regret - how it can stick around long after the initial experience that caused it.  Lance is self-deprecating in this video (unusual for him) - this might be his defense mechanism, making himself feel better about the poor choices he made by poking fun at himself.   We could do the same or hopefully learn how to avoid a similar lack of good judgment in the future.

Ideally though, we should focus on a life with few or no regrets and one trick I use is to ask myself "will I feel worse or better if I do not _________ this?  Fill in the blank with the words "do", "say", "try", or any other word that is appropriate for you.  Predicting the future is often difficult but if you could just take a few moments to contemplate and project how you will feel, it will help you make the right decision!

Swim workout:

200yds. your choice
8x25yds. backstroke, progress 1-4 and 5-8
4x50yds. freestyle, progress 1-4
4x25yds. backstroke max effort

20x100 done on interval in 5 sets of 4:
#1 set is best time + 30sec. rest 
#2 set is best time + 20sec. rest
#3 set is best time + 10sec. rest
#4 set is best time + 5sec. rest
#5 set is ascend, with first 100 fast and each subsequent 100 easier



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