I am going to use this blog as a way to communicate fact, fiction, opinion and plain, old fun stuff involving health, fitness and wellness.  I will also include a swim workout on Wednesdays and Fridays that I designed for our  San Ramon Masters Team - feel free to change it up to accommodate your goals or interests.

Swim workout:
Warm up  400 yds. your choice
8x50 yds. #1-4 done as 25drill/25swim
                   #5-8 done as 25kick/25swim
12x150yds.  done as 3 groups of 4x150yds. and progress each swim 1-4 as well as progress each group 1-3
finish workout with your choice of kick



Paul Alcantra
04/16/2014 1:43pm

I look forward to your usual excellent guidance.


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