When was the last time you trained without your headphones?

The concept of task relevance considers an athlete’s mindset while training and/or racing. It has been found those who are able to focus their full attention on task-relevant items are constantly reminding themselves: “I will stay focused on the bike, and pedal at 90rpm,” or “I will run this hill strong, keeping my eyes on my target.” These are signs of a mentally fit athlete because despite any outside distractions, they are able to concentrate only on the task at hand.

I  realize there are days when we don't want to be fully engaged in running, or biking or swimming or walking.  I am not advocating every workout be headphone-free.  There are also studies that support the theory training with up-tempo music or a favorite song actually improves performance.  I am simply suggesting that, during those workouts when you have a specific pace; or seconds of holding a particular cadence on the bike; or, you are swimming Masters and need to hear what the coach is saying without asking him/her to repeat the workout, that you refrain from wearing headphones.  

Work on your mental fitness, as well as your physical fitness! 

Swim Workout
500yds. done as 125yds. free swim + 25yds. drill your choice
8 x 25yds.  two of each stroke done 25kick/25swim

5 x 200yds.
#1  IM and get your time
#2  75fly/25back/75breast/25free
#3  IM and improve over #1 by 2-5sec.
#4  25fly/75back/25breast/75free
#5  IM and improve over #3 by 2-5sec.

5 x 100yds. pull - breathe 3/5/7/9/3 by 100



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