At the end of every week, a valued client of mine, Dr. Katrin (she is a Ph.D. working in the biomedical field), sends me a piece from one of her journals on health/fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.  She recently sent a study that looked at the timing of daily protein intake.  The researchers found the way most Americans eat their protein - a little at breakfast, a little more at lunch and a large amount at dinner - may not be the best for muscle growth/repair and overall health.

Although there are clear, simple calculations for the best daily protein intake based on your activity level, there are few studies that investigate the benefits of evenly distributing protein intake over 3 daily meals.  This study specifically identified that 24hour muscle protein synthesis was 25% greater when protein was more evenly distributed throughout the day and that this result was not altered after several days of this eating pattern. 

The take-away from this study is to "hit" all your meals with a good amount of protein; if not, you will "miss" the overall health benefits of eating protein.

Here is a link to the study for more in-depth review:

Swim workout
4 x 100yds. pull progress 1-4
2 x 150yds. swim, swimming the 100 at best time + 5sec. rest + 50yds. easy swim
3 x 100yds. pull strong
2 x 150yds. swim as above
* 10 x 50yds. kick challenge - choose an interval you can hold for all 10
2 x 100yds. pull easy
* 10 x 25yds. kick challenge - max effort kicks on easy interval

6 x 50yds. done 25heads up swim/25swim



09/01/2014 3:14am

This is an informative blog and it was well written in a light context. Well the study or the research your friend has done was useful for me and thank you for sharing the important points. This stuff was quite beneficial for me.


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