Wouldn't it be interesting if you could show people images of future scenarios to reinforce their present actions.  In other words, showing pictures of an older couple sitting on a sofa, watching TV vs. another older couple holding hands, walking on a beach; the first picture projecting a lack solid retirement savings and inevitable boredom and the latter image of successful investing.  Alain Samson, Ph.D. wrote about this on www.psychologytoday.com

Relating that same principle to healthful eating, you can either: (A) binge eat – be happy now that you’re eating delicious food, but feel bad later after the guilt sets in or, (B) eat a healthy snack instead – be sad now (maybe) because you feel deprived, but feel happy about your good decision later. Either way, you are going to be both happy and sad about your decision. But if you choose option (B), you’re going to look better and be healthier tomorrow.

You can use this same thinking regarding exercise.  You can either:  (A) blow off your workout - be happy now that you don't have to sweat, but feel bad later after the guilt sets in or, (B) drag yourself out the door on your run and feel bad for a few minutes until you warm up but feel happy about your good decision later. 

Choose wisely!

Swim Workout
300yds. freestyle, every 4th lap heads up swim
300yds. kick, reverse IM order
300yds. swim, reverse IM order

2 x 100yds. free or IM, cruise
300yds. free, negative split
the above is done 3x, swimming each 300yd. swim faster from round 1 to round 3

12 x 25yds. #1-4 alternate 25free/25back
                    #5-8 free progress 5-8



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