I recently listened to a 5 minute TED talk by David Brooks where he asks the question:  "should you live for your eulogy or your resume?"  He refers to the work done by Joseph Soloveitchik who identified the 2 sides of ourselves he calls "Adam 1" and "Adam 2".  Basically, Adam 1 is our driven side, wanting success and all the toys that life can bring.  Adam 2 is our more human side, seeking connection, community and love. 

As racing season kicks off, I can't help but think about how this concept relates to our athletic selves.  Although I set lofty goals for myself in both training and racing, I try not to forsake connections to family and friends in order to get one more run logged in the journal; or, pass by a needy fellow athlete on the race course because it will put my PR in jeopardy.

Will that PR make a difference to those attending your memorial service?  Will they remember you training 18 hours a week and "high five" your effort in eulogy?  Or, will they remember you because you cared, connected and loved.

Swim Workout
200yds. choice
2 x 25yds. butterfly
100yds. free easy
4 x 25yds. backstroke
100yds. free easy
6 x 25yds. breaststroke
100yds. free easy

the above set is done 2x - the second round is your choice of strokes or can be done the same

2 x 50yds. free at 85%
200yds. free (100max effort/100easy)

the above set is done up to 3x



10/13/2016 1:18pm

You are free to live your life by your own will but you have to be contagious when it comes for your own future. Sometime it is really hard to take the necessary decisions that can change your life.


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