It's almost summer and to me, summer and a cold beer are synonymous.  So, I announced to my swim team last night that Jelly Belly has released a "draft beer" jelly bean, thinking everyone would want to have a pack of these at poolside, or take a pack with them on their next bike ride or even shove a few in their shorts pocket for an upcoming run.  Surprisingly, the reaction was a resounding "yuck". 

Then, in my email box this morning was an announcement from GU Energy Labs about a new flavor GU gel, Salted Watermelon.  I will not be mentioning this to my team for fear of getting super-soaked! 

Swim workout
200yds. done as 25kick/50yds. drill/125yds. swim  
150yds. done as 25kick/50yds. drill/75yds. swim
100yds. done as 25kick/50yds. drill/25swim
50yds. swim fast
drill = breathe on non-dominant side only

12 x 100 done as 4 sets of 3x100
first set = done at 80/85/90/95%
second set = all done at 95-100% with 30sec. rest
third set = done on best interval

800yd. pull done as 1lap easy/1lap hard + 2laps easy/2laps hard + 3 laps easy/3laps hard + 4laps easy/4laps hard and go back down ladder



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