There has been lots of controversy in recent years about running form.  The controversy actually brought the concept of barefoot running and the subsequent categories of minimalist shoes to the running masses.  My personal opinion has always been if you want to improve your running form, you need to run.  Seems like the latest research highlighted on has come to the same conclusion:

Not that there aren't other factors that contribute to running efficiency but why not try the easiest one - increase your total run mileage and run most of those miles at an easy pace.  If you are new to running, coming back from an extended time away from running or moving up in distance (going from a 10K runner to a marathoner), increase your weekly mileage using the 10% rule (increase your weekly mileage no more than 10% from week to week) and allow your neuromuscular system proper training. 

You can increase your weekly mileage by adding miles to existing runs or by adding one more day or days of running, or a combination of both.  Whichever you choose, make sure you pay attention to your body and any tight muscles or sore spots.  Use sports-specific massage, foam rollers, stretching and plain-old recovery days to keep your body ready and willing to run!

Swim workout
400yds  swim with the 4th 25 of each 100 done as reverse IM

the 25 of each round is IM order i.e. the first round is 25yds fly/50yds fly-back/75yds fly-back-breast/100yds IM
the second round starts with 25yds. back + the 100 in the first 3 rounds is always IM + the last round is all fast free

3x(5x50yds) kick
1st round = free fast
2nd round = back dolphin
3rd round = back kick
add easy 50yds your choice between each





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