When I first began triathlon coaching in 2001, the research and data on which leg of triathlon was the most important for overall success was scarce.  There were a few preliminary studies as to the strength of the winners of IM Kona and most winners were fast runners, although strong cyclists were not convinced (strong swimmers knew they had a chance but not against someone who biked and ran strong). 

Subsequent data and anecdotal evidence has grown over the years and a recent battle between two 40-something athletes, a 3-time Olympian in cycling and a gold medalist in marathon (John Howard and Frank Shorter respectively).  The battlefield was the Desert Princess Duathlon in Palm Desert, CA (10K/62K/10K), leveling the playing field by eliminating the swim. 

Shorter's splits:    first 10K:  31:33   bike split:  1:42:14   second 10K:  34:01
Howard's splits:   first 10K:  35:00  bike split:  1:30:51   second 10K:  43:30 
Shorter caught Howard at the last half mile on the final 10K and ended up winning the race by 1min. 13sec.

I have made my decision - what's yours?

This "battle" was highlighted in an article in July 2014 Triathlete Magazine.  The necklace in the picture is available from
https://www.etsy.com for $26.

Swim workout
400yds. done as 50free/25back/25breastroke
6 x 100yds. first 3 freestyle at 80% and last 3 backstroke at 80%
12 x 50yds. done as 3 sets of 4x50yds.
round #1 freestyle at 90%
round #2 IMO 25kick/25swim
round #3 backstroke at 90%
24 x 25yds. done as 4 sets of 6x25yds.
round #1 freestyle max effort
round #2 kick easy
round #3 backstroke max effort
round #4 choice easy




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