I am currently taking a vegetarian sports nutrition course as part of my recertification for ACE Personal Fitness Trainer.  The book dedicates an entire chapter on muscle cramping and, at the end of the chapter, the book draws no final conclusions on what causes and what helps prevent muscle cramps.  This is what I learned can cause cramping: 

1.  extreme heat and cold
2.  inherited abnormalities of carbs and fat metabolism
3.  dehydration
4.  electrolyte imbalances
5.  muscle fatigue
6.  overuse injuries  
7.  chronic inflammation

Without anything definitive about the cause(s), we certainly can do the following nutritionally as part of healthy athletic life:
1.  drink enough to support your level of activity
2.  consume enough sodium that is lost through sweat
3.  eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes
4.  obtain calcium from natural sources
5.  make sure you are eating enough carbohydrates
6.  consume enough calories
7.  find good sources of omega 3 fatty acids and eat 2 servings of these foods everyday
8.  maintain adequate levels of vitamin D - more important in the winter months

Swim workout
300yds. free
200yds. done 25yds. heads up swim/25 swim
100yds. free progress by 25 to strong
5 x 200yds. free, sprinting the first and last 50 of each 200
1,000yds. sprinting the last 25 of each 100 - this can be done free, pull or broken into 100's with 5sec. rest between each



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