I simply don't understand when athletes, the ones I coach or others, spend time identifying their weaknesses, as if I have some kind of secret potion that I can administer to suddenly change their reality.  This may be surprising, but everyone has weaknesses - physical, mental or emotional.  Running through your weaknesses is a waste of time because it takes time away from thinking about and using your strengths to your advantage.

For example, maybe the swim is your weakest discipline in a triathlon - you lack good body balance and stroke mechanics to make you a great swimmer.  You must have another strength you can tap into when in the water:  maybe you have a tenacious spirit, which will result in you getting to the swim exit, pretty or not.  Or, maybe you are not the strongest climber on the bike but you are a natural on technical descents where you can pass the tentative riders who passed you on the uphill.  Or, maybe you are not a great hill runner but, when facing a hill, your legs know what to do, albeit more slowly than normal but faster than those forced to walk.

Take time during each workout to think about what you are good, really good at and practice them, then use those things during your events/races.  It will help level the playing field because remember, everyone has weaknesses.

Swim workout
2 x 150yds. done as reverse IM by 50yds.
2 x 200yds. freestyle with middle 100 progress to maximum
500yds. freestyle done as 75yds. strong/25yds. max, broken at 100 with 10sec. rest
Repeat the above except change the middle 100 of the 200's to IM and pull the 500yds.
100yds.  kick IMO easy
2 x 50yds. kick max
2 x 50yds. swim max
You can repeat the above if you have time



07/13/2015 5:56am

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I guess when it comes to your athletic qualities and your part in sports you should not focus on your weaknesses but you have to put efforts on your strengths as you have mentioned in your article. But it is not that you have to ignore your weaknesses every time. There are times when you don't have options and the only option remains is that you have to overcome your weakness by working on it. Mostly in your educational career you have to put a lot of efforts to overcome your weakness.

05/13/2017 3:09pm

Game and sport are to joke because it needs to energy and strength for play. If a coach is give the good guidelines then a team can win the match. A spirit is also important in players.


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