I am a coach and this weekend is big in terms of the number of clients who are racing.  Some are racing iron-distance; others are racing half marathons; still others are racing aquabike (swim and bike, sans the run) or half iron-distance.  Weekends like this are always emotional roller coasters for me, my feelings running the gamut from excitement to downright depression, all within 24-48 hours.

It all starts with the athlete's commitment to a training block designed to get him/her to the goal race.  This race could be a "dream race" or maybe another opportunity at a PR.  Along the way, there are moments of doubt, streaks of confidence, and lots of smiles as well as tears.  During this training block, my communication with them, whether spoken or written, has to be as honest yet as empathetic as possible because my job is to get them to the start line, both physically AND mentally strong. 

So, this weekend I get the opportunity to soothe nerves, allay fears, practice high-5's, and scream at my laptop while watching the remote feed of the finish line.  I can't wait - I am a coach!

Swim workout
300yds. done as 100yds. free/100IM kick/100IM
6 x 75yds. first 3 are progressive and last 3 are strong
6 x 50yds. first 3 are progressive and last 3 are strong
6 x 25yds. first 3 are progressive and last 3 are strong

3 x 50yds.  1 easy/1 moderate/1 strong
4 x 50yds.  1 easy/1 moderate/2 strong
5 x 50yds.  1 easy/ 1 moderate/ 3 strong
6 x 50yds.  1 easy/1 moderate/3 strong

200 kick choice/200 pull stretch it out



09/20/2016 1:37am

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05/03/2017 1:54am

Good luck to you as you coach your members! Training a person is not a joke. I believe you don't have to be so good to be a coach, what you need is a heart and passion for your trainees. It takes a lot of time and effort to mentor a person until he'll be good at what he's doing. You must be honest with them when you evaluate their performances. After all, it's for their own good.

10/02/2016 10:14pm

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03/20/2017 11:45pm

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04/01/2017 1:55pm

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05/12/2017 1:32am

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