I was hooked on the sport of triathlon after being the run leg in an Olympic distance race in San Jose in the early 90's.  I was the run leg for a good reason - I didn't know how to swim. 

The decision to learn to swim was big  because I was always fearful of water.  That decision also meant I would fully embrace the sport of swimming.  I accepted other swimmers talking yards, not laps.  I grew to like circle-swimming, understanding that swimming with faster swimmers in my lane was going to make me faster.  I slowly embraced non-freestyle strokes as being good for my freestyle, as well as overall fitness. 

All of this meant I had changed my mindset from thinking the swim portion of a triathlon was something to get through so I could ride and run, to a wonderful sport that not only provided me a welcome relief from tired legs but something I can participate in until I have one foot in the grave.

So, triathletes:  why don't you embrace swimming?

Swim workout:
9 x 75yds. done in 3 rounds of 3:  #1 swim; #2 kick; #3 25back/25breast/25free
125yds. done as 100strong/25easy

4 x 100yds. freestyle progress #1-4
400yds. pull breathe every 5th stroke and work the last 25 of each 100

8 x 50yds. progress by sets of 2
400yds. pull strong

4 x 100yds. freestyle best effort



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