It doesn't matter whether you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer, obstacle course specialist or triathlete - you gotta love race season because, not only is it the pinnacle of months of training, but it allows us to put ALL the pieces of the puzzle together.

By pieces, I am referring to technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of racing:
1.  technical refers to your mechanics, your coordination:  how efficient is your pedal stroke? How good are you at running hills?

2.  tactical refers to the strategies you use to outmaneuver your opponents:  do you have full confidence that you can hold a particular pace during the final mile of the half iron-distance race?  will you try to use your strengths on the flats to overtake the guy in the lead?
3.  physical is just that:  have you been in the gym working on your core strength?  do you have the proper cardiovascular fitness to go the distance?
4.  mental is about your feelings, thoughts and emotions:  how will you psyche yourself up to do your best?  what will your self-talk sound like when the race gets really challenging?

So, now that you have and idea what is takes to successfully cross the finish line, put the puzzle together and get out there and race!

Swim workout:
1,000yds. pull and work every 4th 25yds.

400yds. broken into 4 x 100yds. free style strong cruise with 10sec. rest between each
2 x 200yds. broken into 2 x 100yds. IM with 20sec. rest
4 x 50yds. freestyle strong with 5sec. rest
repeat above set - you can change the broken 400 into 4 x 100yds. IM with 20sec. rest; the 200's into 2 x 100yds. freestyle strong with 15ec. rest; and the 50's into IM order (50fly/50back/50breast/50free) with 10sec. rest



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05/22/2017 6:52pm

I once watched a race and was surprised how many participants they have. That day, I am with my nephew, he always wants to observe the racing and seeing how competitive people are. He once join a tournament last month and happy being in 1st position. Those guys are truly dedicated to what they are doing, that's a big discipline in order to survive that kind of race. Thank you! This is a good blog.

02/10/2017 10:39pm

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05/10/2017 7:41am

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05/11/2017 5:22am

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